How To Know if Someone Has Blocked You From Skype

Skype’s software allows its users to make phone calls over the Internet. It has a popular video conferencing component, along with other chat and messaging features. Calls made to certain users (those who also have Skype’s software downloaded to their computer) are free, making it ideal for international communication. Skype’s “block” option, found in the “Contacts” tab of the pull-down menu, enables you to censor your contact list. Although blocking Skype contacts involves only a few easy clicks of your mouse, determining your blocked status proves more difficult. You can look for certain signs indicating a blocked status.

1 – Log on to your Skype account.

2 – Check the status of the user that you believe has blocked you. Users that have you blocked will appear “offline.”

3 – Attempt to call the person that you believe blocked you. The user’s status indicates “offline,” but attempt the call anyway.

4 – Review the return message. The return message should read, “miscellaneous error,” indicating the contact has blocked you. If the message says, “user not online,” then the contact has not blocked you. The user is actually offline, as indicated by his status.


Miscellaneous error” messages can occur for other reasons. However, if one of your contacts never appears online, and calling results in a “miscellaneous error” message, then it is likely that the contact has blocked you.


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